Optimize advertising management to achieve significant operational efficiency

3 keys to help you grow your business

Ainotam-Loupe-Create Assets

digital assets

Consolidating advertising data and accumulating digital assets to facilitate application and achieve the best results.

Ainotam-Loupe-better serverse

Improving service

Strengthening implementation efficiency through workflow automation to save time and provide better service.

Ainotam-Loupe-Easier and Smarter

Optimizing time

Marketers can launch each ad project with ease based on the smart strategic advice provided by machine learning.

Driving marketing effectiveness with 3 major functions

Start by connecting to multiple online advertising account, empower your marketing data and launch your own creative strategy suggestions.

Customize Dashboard

Smart Monitoring

Strategy Recommendation

Ainotam- 3 Functions

We look forward to creating success with you


Ad Account Management Team

Liberated from cumbersome operations to focus on improving customer satisfaction.

Media Planning Team

Develop a more macro and comprehensive media strategy with real-time data.

Management Team

Enhance team effectiveness and improve business operations.


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